Frames and Beams!

It’s been a bit since my last post and for that I’m sorry.  Between work, life, the weather and building a house, it’s been crazy.  When it snows, it blizzards (I can’t help myself…really).


After the foundation wrapped we thought we were on our way until we ran into a little delay due to a disagreement on where a lally column would live in our basement.  In our plans the designer put a foundation wall, but it would have actually cost us more money to build the foundation that way, so the contractor recommended we remove it and follow the exterior layout out for our foundation.  What that meant to Jason and I was “Yes!  Open basement!”  What that meant to gravity was “Yes!  Lally column to annoy Jason and Mer!”  Not cool gravity!  Not. Cool.

So after we begrudgingly agreed that gravity would win this time, in came our steel beams!  I’m not sure if the steel guys or I was more excited to have the steel beams arrive, but they were so excited to meet the owner and have their product in a residential property.

It’s always amazing to see these guys maneuver massive trucks and cranes in such a small area.  Add on top of that our first real storm of the year and a cedar tree I’m desperately hoping to keep, it’s like Ninja Warrior for construction.  Even with the lack of space, weather and daylight savings time against us, the beams were installed in a day.

The framing team (and their amazing choice of 90s music) wasted no time once the beams were in place.  They were on site immediately and framing away!