It’s here! The Foundation is Here!!!

I think someone read my last blog post and felt bad, because shortly after it was published the trucks started to arrive.  The crew set to work and the footings went up or should I say were laid down in no time.  After a once over by the building inspector in came the cement!

I think the crew thought I was crazy as I came skipping out of our rental to take pictures.  I was like a school girl at a boy band concert.  Pretty sure the gentleman in blue thought I was going to jump the fence and hug him or ask him for his autograph.

4-formsWe thought it would take some time for the cement to cure with the cold weather, but on New Year’s Eve the crew was back at it.  Seeing our forms for the foundation up was the best way to celebrate the New Year.  Note: I waited until the crew was gone to take this pic as to not send them running.

By end of day Monday the forms were complete and on Tuesday morning the trucks were rolling in.  So many trucks that Jason had to move his car halfway on the lawn of our rental to make way for the crane.

They pour the concrete through a large crane to fill the forms.  I was back in the office so thankfully Jason was here to capture the action.  It was a rainy day, so it’s a little hard to see, but you get the picture.  I always miss the good stuff!

At the end of the week the foundation was in place.  Happy New Year and Foundation!


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