Getting Chippy

After staring at a pile of busted concrete and dirt for almost a month we finally made some progress!

Being delayed for so long by the town has wreaked havoc on our ‘schedule’.  I use that team loosely because we are in a state of having to wait for equipment and crews to be available.

On Monday the chipper and excavator were delivered and on Tuesday they were chipping away.  And chip they did!  We always knew we were on ledge, but man we are on LEDGE!

I think we held our breath for the entire day waiting to hear that we hit ledge that would either take extra time to chip or that wasn’t chippable.  Hey, with our luck we thought it was inevitable.  Thankfully, they were able to complete all the chipping and trenching in 2 1/2 days!  Now we have a beautifully trenched plot of dirt waiting for foundation forms.


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