It’s Demo Day

If I started this blog when I said I wanted to blog,  this post would not be appearing on demo day, but some time around June of 2015 when we stopped talking about embarking on ‘renovating’ our house and started talking to contractors about actually doing it.


So to give you a little history, in 2010 we bought a little 1950’s bungalow with no updates.  The house was originally constructed as a summer home for the workers of a near by air base at the time.  It was quite the charmer.  Full of knotty pine walls, small enclosed rooms and low ceilings that I, a whopping 5’2″ tall self, could jump up and touch.  Our parents thought we were crazy.  Our friends thought we were crazy.  But we had each other and a vision.

We had done some renovations, including: upgraded our electrical, removed/painted some of that knotty pine, added a back splash and painted the laminate in the kitchen (as seen above), new window, new exterior doors and vinyl siding.

cropped-img_1462.jpgWith all the work we’d put into the house, we always thought we would keep the existing structure and just build out and up.  It didn’t seem that hard.  Well, we were wrong.  After meeting with several contractors we quickly learned our only option to achieve our forever house was to knock her down.  Not just the structure, but also the foundation.  And that’s where we find ourselves today, Demo Day.

On our first night we sat in the living room in lawn chairs listening to music because the only things we could plug in to the 2 prong outlets were a radio and vacuum. Today we start demo to create our forever home. It’s bittersweet to watch our little bungalow come down.